We Create Beautiful Heirloom Quality Fair Trade Toys

We passionately believe that simple natural toys are vital for a child’s development. Natural toys inspire a child to imagine the countless possibilities for that toy; they can be anyone, go anywhere and do anything in the imaginary world. Instead of their thoughts jumping from one toy to the next, a simple toy allows the child to think, as apposed to the toy thinking for the child. The degree of creativity children bring to their play will directly affect the level of creativity they bring to their work and thinking later in life. We tend to agree with the wise words of Albert Einstein, when he said, “Play is the highest form of research.”
In a world of massed produced generic toys, our dolls and soft toys are a breath of fresh air with simple features that bring a touch of modern whimsy juxtaposed with a sense of nostalgia. We hope that our dolls and soft toys will bring wonder and enchantment in your child’s every day play, and become a perfect childhood friend, to love and to pass on, for many years to come.


Wild Thing Toys – a trading name for the company Ink and Ocean Ltd, was founded by Fehmida. She has worked in various fields, amongst which are floristry and social housing, until that is, she went back to doing what she loved the most, creating toys that inspire imagination and play. Fehmida has always been passionate about supporting a fair trade business model, therefore our dolls and soft toys are guaranteed certified fair trade.


All of our soft toys and dolls are made from hand loomed cotton and environmentally friendly and child safe dyes. All products are also CE tested to EN71 and are safe for children. Stuffing is made from superior quality hypoallergenic polyester. There are no beady plastic eyes, everything is made from fabric and stitched or embroidered on. Therefore you can be rest assured that all our toys are not only super adorable, but made to the highest safety standard. Oh, and did we mention? They’re fair trade certified too.