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Nautical Activity Cards

Ahoy there! Here’s a free nautical activity that any wannabe sailor/pirate worthy of their sea legs would just love to play. Can be used as a matching or memory game. Just click on the image and download the PDF file.

nautical activity 1

Here are some sea faring words to get you going while you play!

Ahoy there! – Hello
Avast – Stay still and listen
Aye aye –  Yes, okay
Booty – Treasure
Grog – A drink, can mean a glass of juice or milk!
Landlubber – A “land-lover”, someone unused to ship-life
Me Hearty – A trusted friend or well-loved child
Pieces of Eight – Silver divided into eight pieces to use as change
Shiver me Timbers – An exclamation of shock or surprise
Swashbuckling – A fun adventure
Walk the Plank – Captured sailors walk the plank into the sea