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Free Fair Trade Flash Cards

fair trade flashcards

We’ve made these awesome fair trade flash cards, free to download. With World Fair Trade Day, just around the corner (Saturday 12th of May 2018) these cards are a wonderful resource and a fun way of talking about fair trade to your children at home or at your school. Print out the cards and cut out. You can laminate them if you prefer. Use each card as a visual aid to discuss the concepts of fair trade. There are 28 cards in total.

You can download the flash cards HERE


Nautical Activity Cards

Ahoy there! Here’s a free nautical activity that any wannabe sailor/pirate worthy of their sea legs would just love to play. Can be used as a matching or memory game. Just click on the image and download the PDF file.

nautical activity 1

Here are some sea faring words to get you going while you play!

Ahoy there! – Hello
Avast – Stay still and listen
Aye aye –  Yes, okay
Booty – Treasure
Grog – A drink, can mean a glass of juice or milk!
Landlubber – A “land-lover”, someone unused to ship-life
Me Hearty – A trusted friend or well-loved child
Pieces of Eight – Silver divided into eight pieces to use as change
Shiver me Timbers – An exclamation of shock or surprise
Swashbuckling – A fun adventure
Walk the Plank – Captured sailors walk the plank into the sea